Volunteer for a charity bike ride with a difference

Does anyone have this Monday off? And are you up for a cycling adventure with an interesting twist? Certainly you’ll need an adventurous spirit to take part in a charity ride that is currently speeding its way from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

But this is no ordinary JOGLE! It might be taking place by bike but it’s happening on a seven-person Conference Bike. The CoBi UK challenge, in aid of Cancer Research UK, is seeking volunteers along the whole route to help to cycle the mad-looking seven-seated bicycle. The event takes place from August 1 to 29.

On Monday the bike reaches Edinburgh headed for Town Yetholm in the Borders. The organisers are looking for some leg power – and that’s where you could come in.

If you are up for something a bit different and fancy the exercise/ fun/challenge then check out the CoBi UK website or call Ed on 07968 775 021 or Jack on 07825 160 369. Alternatively you can offer a donation or lend a hand with the challenge. Find out how to offer a lending hand.

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4 Responses to “Volunteer for a charity bike ride with a difference”

  1. The CoBi is on its way from Braemar to Dundee today (Friday) then from Dundee to Edinburgh tomorrow. I’ll be one of the riders on that leg. On Sunday the bike will be doing some donuts in the capital, then on Sunday it will go down to Town Yetholm & that is the day where they really need some new legs if you’ve got a couple of fit pins to offer them. Its a great opportunity for a quirky adventure if you have the time to spare.

  2. Good luck Mike. Sounds like fun. Only wish i had the time to join in. I’ve too much work to do!

  3. I’d love to but I can imagine me being dragged along behind it after 10 minutes…..

  4. You’d love it! And you’re putting yourself down! If you can make such awesome cakes (loved the one at Jo’s last night) then you can manage a wee pedal! xx

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