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Glasgow to new Cumnock cycle

Written by Fiona June 30 2009

The contrast between my triathlon club mates and other pals always makes me laugh. When I mentioned over the last couple of days to various people that I plan to cycle from home to New Cumnock in Ayrshire to visit a friend my tri club mates look kind of envious but not in the least bit surprised. It could amount to about 50 miles all in but to the tri club folk this sounds like a I was going in case they might be able to fit in the ride, too.

However, when I talk about such an outing with other people they raise their eyebrows in shock. They ask why I would not take the car, train – perhaps a plane! They wonder why? They look at me as if I’m insane.

When I think back to my early days in the club I can recall the same feeling. I clearly remember a few conversations where members told me that before coming to the track for the running session they had been out for a 60-mile cycle. Many triathletes think nothing of training twice a day. Back then I thought they were mad. For me a 6-mile cycle to work and back was enough and I ran only twice a week.

Now, having become quite a bit fitter, I look forward to the chance to cycle 50 miles to visit a friend. I don’t think it’s madness – just a good use of time and a great opportunity to do some training while also seeing some of Ayrshire’s countryside.

It would be rubbish if we were all the same, eh?!

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