Bitten by the Sea kayak bug

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  1. Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers says:

    did you go en masse or was it an adult only thing? Just wondering if it's something to do with the kids?

  2. elizadventures says:

    Hello Fiona, I've just stumbled across your blog on a 'bored' day at work! I've been getting into seakayaking this summer too and have joined the Glasgow Kayak club to get a bit better and for the same reasons as you I want to get off to the wilds. Me and husband did a trip last year up a loch near Ullapool (about 1hr paddle) and camped at the base of Sulliven, it was really beautiful. Elizabeth OD / Adams

  3. Fiona says:

    Ooh, I just saw this comment. i must have missed it. The paddle to Suilven sounds lovely. Can you tell me more.

  4. Fiona says:

    Kayaking is definitely something you can do with kids although i’d stick to inland lochs unless the kids are strong paddlers and swimmers if you plan to hire kayaks and do it yourself…. or give the national sea kayak school a call at oban to find out more. they run family trips i believe. as does Arran Adventures and a number of other outdoor providers. would you like me to suggest some more?

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