Raining but still loving it on the Munros

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  1. Helen McGinn says:

    I remember walking up Goatsfell with a few male friends, dressed in only light shorts, thin t-shirt and one of the guys had an Asda poly bag with his cigarettes and a bottle of Irn Bru inside it. Of course, it started to rain incredibly hard and we all thought it really funny. As we turned a corner, we saw a group of men, dressed head to toe in blue waterproofs with only their eyes showing. They turned out to be a group from Japan who all stood in open-mouthed silence as we passed by, laughing and soaked. The guide waited til we passed and said "There goes the lesser-spotted Glaswegian, not normally found in these parts. You can recognise them by the familiar orange bottle of Irn Bru, the lack of a jacket and the 20 fags inside an Asda bag". I choked with laughter whilst my pal was deeply offended. :O) xx

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