The dilemma: Shiny Mac or Matt Mac?

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7 Responses

  1. seeking_work says:

    Keep him. Remember that he loves you however many wrinkles you can see….

  2. FionaOutdoors says:

    that makes a lot of sense!

  3. seeking_work says:

    what was your final decision??

  4. FionaOutdoors says:

    stayed with Mr Shiny Gorgeous Mac! so clean cut looking!

  5. seeking_work says:

    good decision!

  6. Just went through a similar dilemma myself. A new job for Sept meant handing back my Macbook Pro so I decided to buy a new one. Having seen people struggling with the reflection and fingerprints etc on the glass combined with some photography discussion groups pointing out that the matte screen has more accurate colour reproduction on screen I opted for the Matte on my new Macbook Pro. However, it is not quite as ‘sexy’ looking as the glass. Maybe I can have the best of both worlds by buying an iPad!!

  7. Fiona says:

    I’ve got used to the shiny screen now. and i think i prefer it! it does get smudgey but it’s better for viewing iplayer shows etc.. an iPad would be the business if only i earned enough money!

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