Any tips for Pyrenean cycle trip?

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  1. Debbie says:

    Sorry, no helpful suggestions from this quarter. Just v tickled at the fact that the bum-preserving shorts are called Assos.
    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it in the way that mental fit people enjoy doing mental exhausting things. xxx

  2. fearofweapons says:

    I did this many years ago on a fully laden touring Mtn bike – took a long time to get up, very little to get down the other side. Slow and steady with an early start is the best advice – oh and I did Tourmalet one day and the Aspen et. al on day two.

  3. Fiona says:

    thanks for the advice. at least i’ll be on a racer bike! you must be very strong!

  4. Fiona says:

    name is hilarious! but it’s pronounced “as” – “oz”.. think it’s swiss. mighty fine ass padding nonetheless! x

  5. Al Pewsey says:

    I have just comeback from my first visit to the Alps having promised myself some years ago to tackle some of those classic tdf climbs. I have not cycled in mountains out of the UK before with my normal stomping ground being the short and steep hills of the SW. This is my experience and what worked for me.

    I’ve skied the Tourmalet (its a fabulous mountain/area, you’ll love it) and expect you will have a similar experience to what I have just had.

    It will get hot (hopefully!) as the day goes on and cloud cover will build possibly with an increase in wind speed so set off early. It can be cold on the tops (it snowed on the Galibier and Alpe D’Huez last week) so long fingered gloves in the bag and a minimum of a jacket/gillet to keep your torso warm on the way down. It surprised us how cold it can get at the top and descending.

    Keep your body regularly fuelled with fluids and food, little and often. Le Mongie and Bareges are both ski resorts but you should find some bars and cafes open for refreshments.

    Make sure your tyre pressures are as high as the tyres and inner tubes will allow to minimise friction.

    Its not something to be feared, its only a road at the end of the day and not as steep as the hills we can get in the UK … it just happens to go steadily up for 20km+! .. then down .. whey hey. 🙂

    Enjoy it, I’m dead jealous.

  6. Fiona says:

    thanks so much for this comment. it’s extremely helpful. i get v cold as i’m thin so the tips about the temperature are ideal. i’ll report back on our return! sorry to make you jealous!

  7. Al Pewsey says:

    You’re welcome. Hopefully you’ll have great warm sunny weather but just be prepared and keep in touch with the forecast each day.

    We saw a couple of organised groups in the Alps and they seemed to park at various points up the mountain, and on the top to give the riders water and energy bars/drinks should they need them. I’m sure your group will do the same but worth checking to save you carrying extras when you don’t need them. They may even carry cold weather gear for you.

    I look forward to your next blog, great site by the way. 🙂

  8. Fiona says:

    it’s just myself and the G-Force. We’ll be carrying out own energy bars and water!

    And thanks for your kind words re my site. I really enjoy writing it.

  9. Helen McGinn says:

    Fiona, I hope your in the midst of having a wonderful time! Enjoy. xx

  10. Solenne says:

    The ‘nice holiday organizer’ is looking forward to reading your article! Again congratulations and thank you for coming to the region. You very welcome to visit and cycle in another part of Midi-Pyrenees.

  11. Fiona says:

    the trip was truly awesome! thanks again. i don’t think i said thanks enough on the phone! what a beautiful region…

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