Fab Scottish cycle routes: The 5 ferries

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  1. Donald Aitken says:

    I have some friends who completed this same route about 6 weeks ago and thought it tremendous. They especially enjoyed their lunches at the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar and Portavadie marina where they missed at least 2 ferries due to the quality of the cuisine and possibly the wine.
    By all accounts one of the best October tours they have had.

  2. Fiona says:

    sounds awesome. i really fancy this. and i have always wanted to go to the oyster bar. i need to get the g-force and i organised!

  3. gavin savage says:

    10 times round 5 ferriesin 2011

  4. Fiona says:

    Wow! Sounds fab.

  5. Joyce Ross says:

    Hi Fiona,

    The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice are organising a supported Five Ferries Challenge on Saturday 7th June to raise much needed funds. Would you like to join us?

  6. Fiona says:

    This sounds fab but sadly I am already busy that day. Good luck and please do tell me how it goes.

  7. Ronnie Thomson says:

    Just completed the five Ferries challenge on my own. Wonderful day out on bright but cool summers day. Made all the Ferries and completed the circuit in 10.5 hours. 6 hours on the bike and the remainder of time on the Ferries the staff of whom were excellent. Began at Wemyss Bay and cycled to Ardrossan for first ferry thus adding 19 miles to the route. Climbed a lot of hill and ascended 4,291 ft in the process. Great day out.

  8. Fiona says:

    That is fantastic. Thank you for telling me about your trip.

  9. Brittany says:

    Great description. Calmac actually offers a specific Five Ferries ticket which was £13.80 last year. https://www.calmac.co.uk/tickets/five-ferries. I don’t think it’s necessarily cheaper than buying individual tickets but it’s definitely more convenient.

  10. Fiona says:

    thanks for the info

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