My outdoor clothing guide to surviving the winter

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  1. Phil says:

    Some great kit – looking forward to hearing more about the Golite jacket in particular.

    Have you tried some of the British ‘softshells’ such as Paramo and Furtech for winter? Or even Buffalo?

  2. FionaOutdoors says:

    I’m just getting into this top-end winter jacket thing. Wish I’d done so earlier as I’ve wasted lots of money on kit that doesn’t come up to scratch. Go-Lite really does seem fabbie.

  3. Mike Cormack says:

    I’d never heard of the heated gloves before! I don;’t have the problem of cold extremities (I seem to have a high body tempereature) but can imagine they’d be popular – especially with women, do you think? (I don’t want to be seem sexist about it, just notice their hands and feet seem to suffer more from cold).

  4. Barry says:

    @Phil Paramo are excellent, their Velez smock is ace in my opinion.

    Good article, thanks. There’s certainly some good kit out there now that does the job and packs down nicely.

  5. Fiona says:

    I’ve heard paramo are fab. Maybe they’d like me to test some stuff! I like the clothing thats keeps you really warm yet packs into a tiny bag. makes me smile!

  6. Helen Fisher says:

    Some great kit here!
    I’d love to try the Woolpower garments though as unisex I wonder what the fit is like for more shapely women :o) I’ve found that a Fishing Tackle shop near me is supposed to be a stockist (which is interesting in itself; the overlap between sports) so may have a wander.
    I like the look of The North Face Women’s Thunder Jacket; Wish I had £152 spare ;o)

  7. Fiona says:

    Let me put you in touch with the lovely Woolpower chap I know. he can advise on fit. They are worn under other garments so shapeliness is less of a worry! Oh I prefer the GoLite and Rab but both brands have higher price tags. Still, i have found them to be worth the money. I’ll tweet you the woolpower contact!

  8. Don Betts says:

    I have just found your web site . Its great

  9. Fiona says:

    Oh that’s lovely of you to say!

  10. Trish Devine says:

    I know this is an old thread, but anyway….

    Many thanks for your website – I’ve bought Craghoppers stuff thanks to your positive reviews. 🙂

    Since you are always cold and on the hunt for nice gear, do you know Finisterre at all? (

    They are a cold-water surf company and I am finding their stuff invaluable for keeping warm while rambling and also simply in our house (medieval, stone, about 8-14 degrees in winter). It is mainly merino, organic cotton and some quilted outerwear.

    The Eddy base layer is a thin, densely woven merino teeshirt that I am really enjoying wearing – it coped with temperatures of 28 degrees in summer, worn as a standalone garment, and now I’m using it as a base layer and sleepwear. It’s very long and has a skinny, woman-flattering cut that I find hard to get in teeshirts. They also do the same fabric in a short dress and short-sleeved tees, and in the Zephyr vest and legging, and also a very longline hoody.

    The Zephyr vest is great – again, very long, and has a contrast neckband. It has a matching legging but that’s a little low rise for my personal taste. All of these come, by the way, in really nice colours – jade, pink, blue and coral, etc, and the superfine merino is very densely woven. Since buying them, I have pretty much jettisoned my old Five Seasons Superwoman thermals, which were warm but did make me sweat.

    Finisterre also just introduced the Fiske – a mid-weight merino – which I’ve bought in a crewneck (feels a bit like a sweatshirt in cut, very nice to wear – I’m using it to sleep in now that the temperatures have dropped) and also in a hoody, which is lovely. The fabric has a silky feel and lovely drape as well as being warm. 230 grams.

    Prices are quite high – £45 for an Eddy tee, £80 for a Fiske hoody and a good couple of hundred plus for some of the outerwear, but you can pick it up cheaper on Ebay and the firm also has an Ebay store. I’ve bought my Zephyrs from here, in discontinued colours, but next am up for the Boreas longline hoody – cotton lined with merino.

    For socks, I live in Corrymoor mohair these days ( – mainly the Woodlander (mid-weight, knee high) and Explorer (thick winter-weight with a terry-towelling weave on the inner face). If you alternate two pairs and hang them to dry each night, you can keep them going without washing for weeks.

    We live in France and another brand that the DH and I both rate is Lafuma – I recently bought him (a similar fleece to) the Lucia full-zip fleece and it hasn’t been off his back since. The fleece is incredibly thick and warm (450g) without being bulky and the cut is very slimming. Expensive, at 95 euros, but full of quality details, especially around the pockets and zips. He also likes the Cap Marine brand, which does very nice knitwear with a brushed cotton inner face, with details such as leather pulls on the zips (eg: . More for sitting around in a cold house than activewear, but very nice.

    For indoors, I also wear stretch fleece pants and stretch fleece polos (in Tall, to get them nearly tunic length) from Lands’ End, which are very snug and warm. I work as a journalist and sitting around in a cold house, your temperature really drops, but these have kept me very warm for the past couple of winters. Their Squall parkas, jackets and the Stadium coat are also very good for the money.
    🙂 Trish

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