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Love is… A few thoughts from an outdoors gal

Written by Fiona

November 11 2010

This week the G-Force very kindly fixed a puncture in my back wheel. I’d hit yet another pothole (it’s almost impossible to avoid every pothole these days) just metres from home and my heart sank as I heard the back tyre suddenly deflate. I have fixed too many punctured tyres over the years and I particularly hate fixing the back tyre. It’s a mucky job and the tyre on this wheel is really tight so I struggle to get it back on.

Despite arriving late from work the G-Force decided that he’d sort the back tyre for me. I was immensely grateful (especially as the Apprentice was about to come on the telly!)

It’s this kind of supportive gesture that got me thinking about the lovely, helpful things that make all the difference when cycling, running, walking etc in the great outdoors. Here is my list. (I hope it’s not too slushy and sick-making!)

Sporty love is…when someone:

Volunteers to fix your bike puncture.

Gives you their warm gloves while out on a very cold mountain – and makes do with their spare pair of thin gloves.

Straps your crampons on to your boots for you because your own hands are too cold (despite their hands being almost as cold, too.)

Lends you their favourite winter walking boots. For an entire season.

Hands you jelly babies at five minute intervals during the final hour to ensure you make it home on your first 110 mile cycle.

Lets you sleep in their top-notch, very costly four seasons sleeping bag while they suffer in your cheapy version.

Let’s you take their expensive and very precious carbon fibre road bike for a spin to cheer you up.

Congratulates you warmly on finishing ahead in a triathlon despite feeling rather gutted.

Congratulates you enthusiastically on finishing just minutes behind  in a challenging cycle sportive  despite feeling rather gutted.

Changes their plans to stay in to mind your child while you get out for a much-needed spot of me-time on your bike.

Manages to find a pub with an open fire in the middle of nowhere to thaw you out during a long winter bike ride.

Lets you draft them for the entire length of Loch Ness because of a fierce headwind.

Gives you their very lovely and highly efficient bike pump to replace your useless cheap version.

Puts up with your ability to trash a B&B room/tent/hostel room in seconds by spilling out the entire contents of your rucksack all over every surface in an annoyingly chaotic fashion.

Makes you laugh when you’re totally exhausted (and a tad tetchy) because of walking, running or cycling too far.

Makes the first pledge to my London Triathlon charity fundraising bid.

(There are more but I’ll save those for another blog sometime!)

Tell me what someone has done for you that made you realise how lovely they are while out doing sport or enjoying the great outdoors?

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