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Sun, smiles and recovered legs. A sunny day indeed!

Written by Fiona March 24 2011

Happy days! Here’s why:

* Sun in March so warm today that I have cycled in shorts and t-shirt.

* A new carbon fibre bike that is so super amazing that every time I catch a glimpse of it (while I’m riding and not) I smile with glee.

* Legs that have finally recovered from a brilliant Mighty Deerstalker run at the weekend – and feel as fit as before!

* A pup that is learning to walk to heel and returns to my call when she’s allowed off the lead

* A daughter who woke up with a smile on her face this morning – for the first time in ages (no idea why because she usually hates mornings!)

* A partner who doesn’t want to leave me in the morning to go to work (maybe it’s the job, not me?!), happily trains with me, waits for me mid-race to help me through a tricky river crossing and who is always happy to see me.

* A job that allows me the flexibility to go for a cycle mid-morning when the sun is shining.

Of course, all this could change tomorrow but I intend to enjoy today while it lasts! Tell me what is making you happy today (keep it clean!).

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