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New cycle raincoats for women

Written by Fiona April 12 2011

I’m a huge fan of cycling (as you’ll know) but I do understand that some people aren’t so keen! There seem to be several main reasons why more people, especially women, do not want to get on their bikes. Although cycling is great for fitness and brilliant

Admittedly, few people look this great in Lycra

for reducing pollution from excess car journeys, blah, blah, many people  tell me that they do not feel safe cycling on our roads, and nor do they want to wear all the cycle kit they see others wearing. “All that yukky, figure-hugging, Lycra stuff,” as one friend said.

While a new breed of man, better known as the MAMIL (Middle Aged Men in Lycra), is happy to reveal all the many contours of their bodies in tight Lycra (you’ve surely seen these guys out on their bikes?) most women are a little more self conscious. And I don’t blame them. Lycra is not for everyone, although it is the most comfortable way to ride a bike, especially thanks to the padded Lycra shorts. I usually suggest that women try the baggier versions of cycle shorts and leggings. These come with the advantage of an inner pad but also have a more flattering looser outer fit. Or go for a nice padded bike seat.

And then there’s the rain. I don’t mind cycling in the rain if it’s not too cold. I have a nice Goretex cycle jacket, waterproof covers for my shoes, waterproof gloves and I don’t mind if my Lycra-clad legs get a little wet. But, I know, I’m in the minority. So I was delighted when a friend sent me a link to a cycle raincoat site. I can’t see myself in one of these snazzy Cambridge Raincoat Company cycling jackets but I can totally see the advantage of such a garment for city cyclists.

The raincoats look pretty chic and they are very colourful. They have also been designed to give great protection for women riding a more upright style of bike.

Any products that encourage more people, especially women, to get out on their bikes gets my thumbs up.

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