300 days of running. What Jenny Hastings has learned

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  1. The jogster says:

    Thanks for writing this Fiona, I was one of the original ‘Marcothoners’ who signed up on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=155696737804701) to run every day in December last year, of course by the start of the challenge the big snow had arrived, which made for some interesting runs wading knee deep in fresh snow. I loved it though and by the start of January was fitter than I had been in years, sadly my resolve has not been nearly as great as Jenny’s! I am so impressed by her commitment to running every day, I’m sure it has inspired many people to find time in their day to run (or do some other physical activity) and will continue to inspire many more in the future – run Jenny run!!

  2. Fiona says:

    Thanks for your comment Alistair. jenny did mention that she took inspiration from someone a jogscotland but i couldn’t fit everything into one post! How did you do?

  3. The jogster says:

    Hi Fiona, do you mean on the challenge to run everyday in December? That was great, even running at 6 am on Christmas morning in the dark and deserted streets of Tranent was great, a great way to prepare for the excesses that were coming later in the day and as I was cooking Christmas dinner for the family (including in-laws) it took away a lot of the stress that I had been feeling! I put a few videos up on YouTube site of me running in the snow, here’s the one from the first of December (Day 1 of the challenge) http://youtu.be/Zo3Q8FbHH3M

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