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An Ode to new Munro compleatist, the G-Force

Written by Fiona October 04 2011

On Saturday October 1, 2011, the G-Force summitted the final Munro in his first round of Munros. But the journey to his goal hasn’t been simple. Here is a poem I wrote for him.
When love gets in the way of a Munro Round
By FionaOutdoors

Ben Chonzie

FionaOutdoors, the G-Force, Little Miss Outdoors and Wispa the Wonder Whippet on Ben Chonzie

“I’m a Munro bagger,” he declared.

“I’ll compleat in one year. I’m prepared.
“I’ve bought all the kit
“I’m no map reading git.”
In that first year of bagging he CARED.

After 200 Munros he felt GREAT,
Right on track in the goal to compleat.
…But then disaster struck
It seems he ran out of luck…
He fell in LOVE with a girl on a first date.

“Oh my, no, what’s this?” he lamented.
“I’ve found love but it’s left me demented.
“We’re too busy having fun,
“Making out and going for a run.
“How will I ever get this Round cemented.”

So he thought up Munro Round Plan B:
Ditch the girl and be just Munro-Me
Walk 10 hills in a day.
“I’ll give up work”, he’d say,
“I’ll do anything to finish all 283, you’ll see.”

But how little did this bagger know!
He’d met a girl with Munro know-how!
She’s called FionaOutdoors
She likes hills and the moors
And she even calls him the G-Force, kerr-pow!

Said she: “We’ll go together, but just slower…”
“It will take more time… but less bother.
“That goal is still there
“It’ll work if you dare
“Let’s tick Munros and be lovers together.”

Still the G-Force tantrumed and sulked,
He lost motivation and gulped.
“I will never compleat,
“While in love that’s so deep
“It won’t work, I don’t care. Now I’m f*cked.”

But you know how this (really) long story…
…Of said bachelor and his dream girly
Has come to an end
(Slightly driven round the bend)?
In spite of love, the G-Force found Munro Round glory.

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