Kit review: Lowe Alpine TT Carry-On 40 Travel Rucksack

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2 Responses

  1. Stefan says:

    Thanks for this review which helped me decide to buy one.

    I used it for two months travelling by plane, bus and train in Cambodia, Singapore, Turkey and Italy. We walked a lot as we like to walk from the station to our lodgings and spot the supermarket and ice cream store or good cafes on the way. I had made my own waist support (detachable) to compensate for the thin shoulder straps. I was carrying around 12KGs, and found it easy work.

    I loved the durable materials and the very clever design: there are two internal straps used to tighten the contents before you close the outer zip (lockable). Brilliant, and I like this feature above all the others for this pack.

    Second and third compartments not lockable, but the smaller outer one seems to be waterproof.

    This is an exceptional product, and am actually looking forward to using it again. I can see why people get attached to their gear when it is this good. I paid $149 AUD for mine.

    For those preparing to go OS, I should mention I am the type of person who used to pack for every eventuality. This small pack also forces you to to pack light, and when confronted with stairs at railways stations and uneven footpaths (very common everywhere), a pack like this is perfect. Use it with packing cubes (small squarish zippable cubes made of fabric) and it is a perfect system. I will never take a big case anywhere again.

    Can’t comment on how waterproof the fabric is.

  2. Fiona says:

    Thanks for your feedback.

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