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Saving money on public transport in London

Written by Fiona October 30 2012

A guest blogger recently blogged about the great things to do in London, away from the usual tourist attractions. But how do you get about the UK’s capital without spending your moth’s salary? This guest blog reveals the money saving public transport tips for London.

Check the zones 

The London Underground – or “The Tube” – is a popular choice. But keep an eye on the zones when travelling about. The cost of the London Underground depends on which zone you are travelling to and travelling from. Sometimes it can prove much cheaper to jump off at a station near to your originally intended destination and walk the rest of the distance. Even if the cost between zones is no more than a pound, if done on a consistent basis you’ll save a significant amount of money.

Rent a car

If you’re a tourist visiting London and are expecting to be doing a lot of travelling all over the city, it might work out cheaper to rent a car. There is a wide range of reliable car hire companies in London, such as Car Club Clapham.  Getting about in your own vehicle can also be a lot more comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing.

Hire a bike

Like many European capitals, London now has a bike hire system. There are dozens of bike hire stations across the city, and it’s possible to hire a bike for each journey, before returning the bike to a docking station at your convenience.

Jump on a tour bus

The tour buses take you around many different tourist hotspots and a great deal in between. You will also benefit from a commentary of what you are seeing. The buses allow you to jump on and off the bus throughout a set period and for one ticket price.

 A few words of warning

* Taxis in London can be very expensive.

* Peak time travel can see a big hike in price for the same journey. Try to avoid travelling during peak times on the London Underground.

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