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Should I change my surname?

Written by Fiona December 28 2012

This conversation, sent to me on Facebook by a triathlon friend, made me giggle. Perhaps I should change my surname? What do you think?

FionaOutdoorsMy FB pal writes: I thought you might be amused by the highly intellectual dinner conversation  we had at a party to last night. It went like this:
“You’re a member of Glasgow Triathlon Club? Do you know Fiona Outdoors?”
“She’s lovely isn’t she?”
“Yes she is”
“Outdoors? Is that her real name?”
“Outdoors? That would be a cool name if you were an outdoors-y type of person”
“Outdoors? Someone has the surname Outdoors? That is cool”
“No actually her surname is Russell”
“Oh” (collective disappointment)

….more silence

“She should change it to Outdoors…that would definitely be cool!”

The thing is, my surname is actually already pretty cool because I am Fiona Russell living in a street called Russell Drive. But I do love my adopted surname of Outdoors!

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