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Guest blog: 5 essentials for a summer camping trip

Written by Fiona July 01 2013

My guest blogger reckons it’s time to head off for a summer camping trip. I can’t disagree. Here he reveals five essentials for a happy summer campers.

imgres-31) Tent

First of all you need some kind of shelter so a tent is what you need to pick up before you head out into the wild. There are of course tents in all shapes and sizes so there will be one to suit your needs and there will be the perfect tent whether you are going camping alone or with a group of 5 mates. There are also some fantastic pop up tents that are really easy to throw up and put away so if you want an easy life pop up is the way to go.

2) Sleeping bag

There are loads of sleeping bags to choose from with different thicknesses and in different sizes for kids and adults. Choose yours depending on the time of year you are going away and what you think the weather will be like. You can even get sleeping bags that zip together for couples.

3) Travel stove

A hot meal can make a big difference to a camping trip and especially so if the weather is miserable. A nice hot meal can really sort you out and get you in the mood to explore your surroundings, which is what camping is all about. So a travel stove and a couple of pans should definitely go into your packing when you head off camping.

4) Baby wipes

Baby wipes are incredibly versatile and you will find that they are always useful. Whether you need a quick wash and you can’t face the campsite showers or you need to wipe the food you have spilled off your hands a baby wipe will do the job very well.

5) Camera

A camera is another essential item because you should capture your break and your adventures out in the wild. For more tips for outdoor living and essentials click here.

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