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Guest blog: Sports for all

Written by Fiona July 04 2013

My guest blogger writes about the benefits of organised sports for all. She writes: Imagine working out and engaging your entire body, all while having fun and learning to better communicate with others. When you’re at the gym, you have to swap machines to work your body out in different ways. When you’re on the field, you’re working on your flexibility, endurance, muscular strength and cardio.

imgres-9All of your senses are being explored and tested, while your body receives a vigorous workout. You’re working with teammates toward the goal of winning, but the ultimate goal is the great workout your body obtains. Play your way into great shape, by joining one of these organised sports.

1. Parkour

If simple walking bores you, why not spice it up with some stunts? Parkour is a sports trend that anyone can do it – even you. The secret is using your brain to map out the fastest and most athletic way to get from point A to point B. You’ll be hopping fences, running fast and navigating obstacles all with style and finesse. Because parkour is classified as an extreme sport, we recommend practicing with a professional before attempting this unique sport yourself.

2. Trampolining  

Did you know that trampolining is an Olympic sport? Under the blanket of gymnastics, men and women compete for the gold on top of the world’s most fun backyard toy. Only when you’re using the trampoline to lose weight and be active, it’s no longer a toy. Trampolines were originally designed for gymnasts, so you don’t have to feel weird the next time you mount your kid’s trampoline to work on your tumbling. Instead, this large bouncy trampoline is your secret to weight loss and muscle definition.  You’ll find trampolining lessons for children and adults at many local leisure centres.

3. Football

If you’re not timid, football is a great sport for losing you weight and getting your body into incredible shape. Ask Men reports that football burns between 509 and 709 calories per hour. If you’re ready to burn some calories and build your muscle strength, join a friendly football league or head to the local five-a-side pitches with mates.  Of course you will need to invest in the right kind of footwear, such as footballer favourites Nike soccer shoes

4. Basketball

According to Ask Men, “Basketball players develop upper – and lower – body muscular endurance and strength because they use their entire bodies to defend, handle the ball, twist and jump. Each 20-minute half of a serious game of pickup hoops can burn 170 to 236 calories, give or take a few for free throws.” The site estimates that playing basketball burns between 509 and 709 calories per hour. Like soccer, this sport requires that players run continually. It sounds like this is the premier sport for those seeking great cardio exercises.

Tell us about your favourite organised sports.

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