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Why I like to run on Christmas day

Written by Fiona December 26 2013

A short run on Christmas morning has become something of a tradition. I time the run to fit between earlier morning breakfast, coffee and the opening of the Santa stocking pressies and the later morning arrival of family.

10 reasons why I like a Christmas run

There are always those runners who take things to extremes! Pic credit: istolethetv

There are always those runners who take things to extremes! Pic credit: istolethetv

(And in no particular order.)

1) It’s fun to meet strangers and call a cheery Merry Christmas as I run.

2) I love the feeling of doing something that many people won’t bother to do on Christmas morning (although an increasing number of pals have reported a Christmas run or bike ride as the years go by).

3) It allows me to start the day with a smug calorie deficit, as I prepare to stuff my face on Christmas food and chocolates.

4) It gives Wispa the Wonder Whippet a bout of exercise on a day when she is likely to receive a few extra treats.

5) Running boosts my feel-good mood and gives me a smile before embarking on the veg peeling.

6) A run on Christmas day keeps me on track for the December Marcothon (run every day in December).

7) A morning run usually sees off any residue hangover form too many glasses of wine on Christmas eve.

8) While I run, everyone else is busy doing bits and pieces of Christmas dinner preparation so I have less to do on my return.

9) As I ran this Christmas day it gave me a chance to test a new pair of Merrell  barefoot running trainers, the Mix Master Move Glides. I will be reporting back in another blog.

10) And because I ran, the G-Force ran, too, which put him in an excellent mood for all his Christmas Day chores!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Our family day was fun, entertaining and just a tad fattening!

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