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10 outdoor activities to try

Written by Fiona January 08 2014

Writer David Holland lists his top 10 outdoors activities for 2014. How many have you tried – and how many will you try this year?

Kiteboarding_1Go Camping: The Joys of Winter Camping blog reminds me how much I enjoy camping, although perhaps in better and warmer weather. Camping opens you to a whole range of travel and activities, from the UK and further afield.

Kiteboarding: On trend and high on adrenaline, kite boarding is a great outdoor activity to try, especially in Scotland. Head to the Isle of Tiree and the west coast of mainland Scotland, where you will find instructors happy to teach you the basics

Tour Festivals: Choose from music, food, culture, beer and even running festivals. There are festivals year-round in the UK and Europe.

Outdoor Photography: Not every outdoor activity has to involve strenuous activity or travel and photography is a great example. Outdoors adventure and wildlife make great themes for snapping quality photographs. See the Fort William Mountain Festival in February 2014 for wildlife and outdoors photography workshops

Three into one: Triathlon combines swimming (often open water), cycling and running in one challenging event. You can compete at shorter novice distances or go the whole hog for an Iron Man.

HorseRace_2Odds on: An underrated spectator sport, a horse race can be a weekend-long event that gives you a number of thrills, from party atmospheres to betting triumphs to the races themselves. The biggest upcoming race in the UK is the Cheltenham Festival, which you can read about at Betfair while checking horse betting odds and other elements of the event

Climbing high: Start indoors or outdoors on sports climbing walls and crags and learn how to climb in safety but still with a host of thrilling challenges.

Green-fingered: Gardening might not be your first thought when we suggest outdoor activities, but it is outdoors and it can be very active. Plan your garden and then build it and tend for it. Later, you’ll get to relax in the outdoors sunshine.

Follow A Football Club: There’s little to beat the thrill of sitting in an outdoor stadium cheering on your favourite squad! Plus, like horse racing, there are sports betting elements to enhance the experience.

Zorbing_1Go Zorbing! Zorbing is catching on fast, and while it’s a bit ridiculous, it’s also a total blast. If you’re hoping for something a bit different, give it a try now and then. Many outdoors companies offer zorbing or sphering as an activity.

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