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The fun of snow tubing in Winter Park, Colorado

Written by Fiona February 03 2014

Sometimes it’s fun to be grown ups acting like kids, especially when the fun is a snow tubing centre. Winter Park is a ski destination in Colorado and a superb place for enjoying the slopes on skis and snowboards. Off the slopes there is also a lot to do, including the Coca Cola Tubing. The tubing is like no other snow tubing that I have experienced. This is a full-on, cleverly designed activity.

safe_imageThe tubing centre has four individual lanes carved out of several metres of snow and each with big banked curves. There’s also a covered conveyor lift ride back to the top and a warming lodge (for hot chocolate afterwards).

The G-Force and I enjoyed the tubing separately and tied together. We were treated to ultra-fast black tubes (the red tubes are a bit slower) and we progressed through the tubing lanes (from the less bonkers Lane 1 to the truly mad Lane 4).

You can also choose whether the tubing staff member at the top of the slope starts you off on your tubing run with a spin, or not. As we became braver and braver we asked for more spinning. The final run was in lane four, with our super fast tubes tied together and after a huge spin start. This is the result:

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