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See top wakeboarders in Scotland

Written by Fiona August 22 2014

Scotland’s only cable wakeboarding park, Foxlake, in East Lothian, will welcome some of the world’s top riders next week.


On Monday (August 25) a UK-wide tour of wakeboarders heads to Foxlake for the only Scottish event to offer an exhilarating display of stunning on-water carves, grabs and presses.

The free event will also stop at Leisure in London, Just Wake in Lincolnshire and Salford Quay in Manchester this month. The tour ends in Liverpool’s Albert Dock on August 30, where the riders will take part in the extreme Red Bull Harbour Reach competition.

As well as a host of Scottish riders, the tour will include former UK world champion Nick Davies from London.

James Barbour, director of Foxlake Adventures, said:  “We are delighted to be able to host this event, which has already received a huge amount of interest.

“We are expecting a lot of spectators to turn up and support the event, including amateur riders and fans of the sport to see how the professionals do it and meet their heroes on the day.”

Cable wakeboarding is one of the world’s fastest growing water sports, using an overhead cable to pull riders over the surface of the lake with a feel similar to surfing or snowboarding.

Foxlake Adventures also features Foxfall, a unique low ropes course over water.  Unlike any other ropes course in the UK, there are no safety harness, just the water looming below. It is the ultimate test of skill, balance and will power.

I loved it when I gave cable wakeboarding a try.

For further information on the event check see Foxlake on Facebook, or call 01620 860 657.

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