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Kit review: ODOYO AirCoat iPad protective case

Written by Fiona

January 25 2015

My last iPad ended up with a big crack in the screen so this time I have made sure I protect the iPad Air with a case. I do have fully waterproof and drop-proof cases for when I take my iPad into rougher situations, such as on camping trips.


But, mostly, I needed a cover that would protect the screen while it moved with me around the house, to meetings and on non-outdoorsy trips. The ODOYO AirCoat iPad Air protective case has been a great find for this.

The AirCoat iPad Air protective case is a lightweight and slim design. I like that the case provides a robust cover for the back of the iPad and also has a fold over screen cover.

The screen cover bends back and away from the screen when you are using it and can double as a stand, both horizontally or vertically, so you can view the screen hands-free, for example when watching videos or iPlayer.


When you flap the cover back over the screen it automatically turns off the iPad, so you save on battery wastage.

The AirCoat iPad Air protective case comes in three colours, cherry red, sky blue and ivory white and is priced at £30 from Tesco stores.

This is the one case that has lasted the test of time. I have used it since I bought the iPad Air and have never had to change it. It’s good quality and practical. (Sadly, I bought cheaper screen covers before and they fell apart of didn’t really work properly).

If you own a mini iPad, there’s a ODOYO AirCoat iPad Mini protective case for £25, also from Tesco stores and available in two colours.

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