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Benefits of treadmill and elliptical workouts

Written by Fiona

June 01 2015

We all need to workout for improved health and fitness. I heard last week that obesity in the UK is set to become the main cause of cancer, even higher than among smokers. Being overweight as we grow older also vastly increases our risks of illness, including heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. The stark fact is that more people than not are overweight or obese over the age of 50 in the UK.

So how can you start to get fit? Walking is a great option but in the UK the weather isn’t always favourable. So how about trying a treadmill and elliptical for people over 50?

Benefits of a treadmill

Walking treadmills are great for building up from walking to running. It is a flexible machine in which the speed, incline etc. can be controlled and hence proves useful for people who are starting to get fit. A horizon treadmill not only helps to build stamina and strength but also bone density because it’s an “impact” activity. The other advantage of a treadmill is you can use it indoors whatever the weather.

The elliptical 

An elliptical machine offers a low impact workout session as compared to a treadmill and this may make it a better choice for some, especially if you have arthritis or joint pain. A horizon elliptical is a great a cross-training option, too, because it works out the legs and upper body at the same time and gives a forward motion as well as backward motion workout. It targets many different muscles at the same time and can be more engaging.

Once you have gained some fitness you might then feel more comfortable supplementing this with walking and jogging outdoors. And the benefits going forward of increased cardiovascular fitness are that you will be more likely to combat some of the biggest killer illnesses in the UK, including heart attacks, diabetes and cancer.

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