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Autumn in an instant (sort of)

Written by Fiona

October 08 2015

I was invited to take part in a “celebration of autumn” campaign. I really like autumn. Although the weather suddenly turns cool the views in Scotland of our stunningly colourful landscapes lift to my mood. I could dwell on winter being around the corner but it’s better to simply enjoy the fabulous autumnal views.

I’ve been asked to take part in an initiative being run by Ocean loans to showcase some beautiful scenes in my garden. Rather oddly, given the world of digital cameras and smartphones, I have been sent a Fujifilm Instant Camera.



... now.


It looks sort of bright, cheerful and trendy but in fact it’s a 21st century version of the polaroid camera I can recall from my childhood. Back then, instant photos seemed so amazingly advanced. These days you point, click and immediately post to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Anyway, the initiative seemed like an interesting idea and I did enjoy going back in time and taking photos of autumn developing in my garden. Once the photos were taken on the polaroid camera it took a few minutes for them to develop.


Autumn shadows.


Autumn leaves.

Of course, for me to then post these pics in my blog I needed to take a digital photo of the instant photos (see, I said it was all a bit strange!) so I can show you what I have captured in my garden this autumn.

Oh well. Going back in time to go forward and all for a display of autumnal colours in the garden.

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