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Latest fitness trends for 2016

Written by Fiona

January 28 2016

These days, there are so many different ways to work out that there really is something for everyone. Whether you want to try out a hot yoga class, CrossFit or take up cycling, boxercise etc., the variety for keeping fit and healthy is huge. Here are a few of the fitness trends being predicted to be big in 2016.

Apps and wearable technology

Wearable fitness technology has recently become a major fitness trend during the last year, with wearable technology leader’s Fitbit and Jawbone reporting record Christmas sales. This new trend looks to continue through 2016, with technology developers tapping into this market to build apps to help us plan, monitor and keep track of all our health and fitness stats.

There are thousands of health and fitness apps that it can be hard to choose the right one for you. For example, apps such as Superbody provide a great nutritional app. The app allows you to add fitness options and personalised nutrition plans, as well as tracking and monitoring what you eat, your exercise intensity and levels, what you burn and helping to provide expert nutritional and fitness guidance. Most importantly they can be personalised and tailored to your requirements and needs.

Hot yoga

Hot yoga formally known as ‘’Bikram Yoga’’ really took off in major UK cities in 2015 and it looks set to take the rest of the UK by storm this year. Performed in a studio that is heated to a sweltering 37-40C humidity, it provides all the mental and physical benefits of yoga but is intensified by the heat. The demanding nature of this alone is designed to raise your heartbeat and tire your muscles and the heavy sweating that occurs is claimed to help detox your body.

Les Mills fitness classes

Trying a new fitness class is a great way to keep you motivated and a great way to breakout and try something different from your normal gym routine. The Les Mills finesses classes are available at lots of gyms around the UK, providing innovative classes such as Body Combat.


Wellness coaching

A new take on fitness, wellness coaching is like having a counsellor but for your health and fitness issues. Say, if you struggle with overeating or feeling motivated to exercise, a wellness coach should help you to make significant improvements. They’re usually diet and nutrition specialists.

Perhaps 2016 really will be your year for becoming fitter.

  • This post was written in collaboration with Superbody.





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