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Outdoor activities for people with disabilities

Written by Fiona

February 19 2016

For anybody in the UK with a disability, there are hundreds of fantastic outdoor activities which are both great fun and valuable. There are roughly 11.9 million disabled people in the UK, equating to around 19% of the population.

In the last few years alone, more and more activities have become available to disabled people and this is thanks to an increased awareness as well as technological advances.

Everybody needs the thrill, excitement and benefits that outdoor sport and activities can provide, with many specialist places now providing adaptive sports equipment and outdoor sporting activities for disabled people.

Popular choices

Fishing is a popular activity amongs the disabled community, with the British Disabled Angling Association (BDAA) doing fantastic work to improve access and facilities around the UK. Fishing has proven to improve social inclusion, attention span and motor skills.

Horse riding is another popular option, offering both physical and mental benefits. Physically, it can improve posture, balance, co-ordination and reduce muscle spasms. Mentally, it can boost confidence, independence and provide a sense of achievement.

Wheelchair participant in the New York Marathon.

Wheelchair participant in the New York Marathon.

Other sports and outdoors activities for the disabled community include cycling, skiing and waterskiing, canoeing, rugby, shooting, archery, basketball, scuba diving, sailing, golf and tennis, to name a few. Many of these activities have now been opened up to the disabled community thanks to the introduction of brilliantly designed adaptive equipment.

Therapeutic horse riding session.

Therapeutic horse riding session.

Specialist centres

Not all areas will provide adaptive equipment or suitable facilities, but you can easily find a list of places that offer activities for disabled people online. Many of these specialised centres provide a wide range of fun and valuable activities, making them terrific places to visit on a regular basis.

These centres dedicate themselves to helping disabled people enjoy the thrill of outdoor activities, and the staff will be highly trained and committed to making it a fun and positive experience. In addition to the physical and metal benefits, there are also social benefits where you can meet and participate with other disabled persons.

As with any journey, there may be concerns over accessing these places for those in a wheelchair. There are now many amazing wheelchair accessible vehicles that can make a huge difference and make it simple to find these centres.

This reduces the stress of public transportation and ensures that you can regularly visit these centres and areas that offer outdoor sports and activities for the UK’s disabled community.


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