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Osprey Poco AG Premium back pack baby carrier

Written by Fiona

April 11 2016

I asked my god-daughter Mo to review the new Osprey Poco AG Premium back pack baby carrier with her son Eddie, who has just turned one. Mo enjoys being outdoors but she finds that prams and buggies are too much hassle. Until now she has got by with a basic baby carrier. This pack is claimed as the “world’s first child carrier with a fully-ventilated hipbelt”.

Features include:

  • Adjustable AG AntiGravity trampoline suspended mesh backsystem
  • Floating child saddle
  • Sternum strap with emergency whistle
  • Stretch front pocket
  • Integrated and detachable raincover
  • Compatible with Hydraulics and Hydraulics LT Reservoir (hydration bladder)
  • Stretch pocket on harness
  • Adjustable child’s safety harness, seat and foot stirrups
  • Removable and washable “drool pad”
  • Raincover  and SPF50 Poco sunshade
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Internal key attachment clip
  • Soft and ventilated saddle, adjustable for comfort and balance
  • Stretch mesh side pockets
  • Fold-away design for easy storage and travel.
  • Weight : 3.13 kg
  • Maximum dimensions : (cm) 73 (l) x 38 (w) x 43 (d)
  • A removable 1L Daypack on the Premium model with kangaroo style attachment
  • Integrated/removable mirror so you can keep an eye on your little one
  • TUV GS Safety certification – making it one of the safest child carriers on the market

Mo has reviewed the Osprey Poco AG Premium back pack baby carrier. She writes: The baby carrier that I had until recently is small and doesn’t have any storage. This means I need to carry another bag with all of Eddie’s bits and pieces and this throws off my weight distribution, which can make me very sore and uncomfortable by the end of a day of walking around.

My first impressions of the Poco AG Premium were that it looked incredible. I like that it is also gender neutral, so my husband Chris can feel comfortable using it as well.

However, I did worry that the pack seemed large and bulky. This would cause no issues when out and about at the beach or in the countryside but I thought it might prove a bit awkward when going in and out of shops in a city centre.

On the plus side the pack has ample storage space. There’s more than enough for both parents and their things (keys, phones, wallets etc) and everything required for carrying a one-year-old about for the day (nappies, wipes, food, blankets etc).

The pack is full of little surprises. There are separate compartments for everything including the rain cover, sun-shade, sunglasses, keys and mobile phones. There are even handy hip pockets on the side. These are useful because it isn’t always possible to reach into the pockets of your trousers while wearing the pack (or any pack for that matter!).

It felt as if the backpack had been designed by a parent who was all too aware of the difficulties parents face when choosing to carry their baby on their back, rather than use prams.

Here comes my favourite part: IT IS SO EASY TO GET ON AND OFF. In my experience while many brands will tell you that their packs are easy to get on-and-off this is often nonsense. They are never the right height and weight distribution, especially when you are on your own and do not have someone to offer a helping hand.

With the Osprey Poco AG Premium getting Eddie in and on my back was very easy. The safety bar at the bottom is ideal and can be activated while wearing the pack and the seat itself is so well protected. The instructions on how to use the pack were so clear and, when accompanied by the YouTube videos, I was almost fluent in its usage in around 20 minutes and confident in using it safely.

For a premium pack, it has managed not to over-complicate itself, which is not an easy feat.

mo and eddie

On test: Osprey Poco AG Premium back pack baby carrier

Chris and I used the pack on a trip to Rother Valley Country Park, Derbyshire, on a beautiful April’s day. Eddie loved it! He could see everything from his little throne and he was looking down on everyone and laughing. I don’t think he’d ever been as high before because Chris and I are quite short.

Fitting Eddie into the seat took no more than two minutes. Osprey has done wonders to make this pack accessible and easy-to-use. Eddie did not wriggle once and nor did he attempt to get out of the seat. He definitely gives his thumbs up to the Poco AG Premium.

Chris and I found the pack to be very comfortable, although it did feel heavy with Eddie in the back. Eddie is not the lightest of one-year-olds but with use I think we will get stronger.

It felt more comfortable than my camping rucksack and I usually don’t carry babies in that.

Osprey have absolutely nailed the weight distribution, meaning your legs take the brunt and your back and shoulders are protected. The hip belt and shoulder straps are very padded with lightweight material, which makes it more comfortable than it looks. I would have no qualms with wearing this pack all day if we were on a long hike.

There was one drawback of the pack that Chris and I both felt. The height adjustment of the pack is not very easy to use and Osprey is unclear as to what height equates to XS, S, M and L on their height scale. I am 5ft 2in and Chris is 5ft 6in and Chris has a long torso, but I do not.

mo and eddie 2

I imagine we would need it to be adjusted slightly differently, however, neither one of us could seem to get it just right. When the height is adjusted incorrectly, the hip belt can rub and that makes it uncomfortable to use. A chart may have helped us understand where we needed to be for our sizes.

Chris and I both agree, however, that it may just be a case of getting used to the pack along with a bit of trial and error.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Osprey Poco AG Premium. It’s great for outdoors environments although, as my reservations have pored, not so good for in town walking where you need to get in and out of doorways or through crowds. However, it’s still easier to use than a bulky pram.

There is no strain on the neck, shoulders or back and the pack allows enough storage space to pack for a day out and hike as far from the car as one would wish without having to go back for supplies.

Price £270. See Osprey. Also Poco AG Plus: £250 and Poco AG: £220. Choice of three colours.

To watch short videos of the Poco in action.

Inspect your product

Customers are advised to inspect their Poco AG Child Carrier due to a possible buckle failure hazard, which presents the risk of physical injury.

Only Poco AG models (Poco AG Premium, Poco AG Plus and Poco AG) are affected and relate to product purchased from 29th January 2016.

All other Poco models (i.e. NON Poco AG) sold between 2012 and January 2016 are not affected.

If you own any Poco AG product, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY and conduct your own inspection in accordance with the instructions on this web page

Alternatively, if you have any concerns, you can call Osprey Europe on +44 (0) 1202 413920 between 08:30 and 17:00 Monday to Friday or email our Customer Services team at [email protected]

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