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Launch of new Outsider’s collection

Written by Fiona

June 22 2016

Outdoors store Ellis Brigham has launched a new “Outsiders” collection. They have identified Outsiders as a generation of young people who love being outdoors but do not necessarily call themselves hill walkers, climbers, mountain bikers or surfers.

The range of products is aimed at making outdoor adventure fun and spontaneous and not fussy or too technical. The collection includes backpacks, camping gear and campfire accessories.

A spokesperson said: “To Outsiders, the outdoors is all about the road trip, the escape from the city, from work or college. It’s the shared experience of being outside, creating a micro-adventure wherever and whenever they want. They enjoy good times and campfire vibes.”

I’m all for this. The outdoors should offer something for everyone, so long as we all act responsibly and treat the environment with respect. You do not need to have done a major hill walk or a big bike ride to enjoy time in the great outdoors. There are adventures for all, including the new Outsiders.

10 great Outsiders products

Burton Schroom Hammock

Bask in the sun or relax in the shade with the Honey Baked hammock. It has the added features of a storage pocket and an insulated koozie to keep soft drinks or beer cool. £47.99

Burton Schroom Sleeping bag

Burton Shrooms Sleeping Bag Ellis Brigham

Lightweight, warm and comfortable, it’s an ideal sleeping bag for summer. The bag can be unzipped for use as a duvet or as a snug blanket for evenings spent chilling under the stars. £114.99

Tinder On A Rope

Light My Fire - TInderOnARopeThe natural way to start a fire, made easier thanks to the high resin content of the cultivated pine stump. It lights even when wet. £2.99

Hydro Flask

EB Hydro Flask Plum Standard Mouth 21oz £23.99

Double walled and vacuum insulated, the flask can keep drinks hot for up to six hours, or cold for up to 24. From £23.99

Nordisk Alkfheim tepee tent

Alfheim_19.6 - tepee tent EllisBrighamThe tepee-style tent sleeps up to eight people and with lots of room for a social gathering. £599.99

Grandpa’s Firefork

Grandpa's FireForkA compact fire fork that can be used to safely grill sausages, marshmallows and more. £8.99

Helinox Ground Chair

HelinoxGroundChair_side_ElllisBrighamThe chair provides back-resting comfort in a light and compact package. Thanks to the DAC aluminium frame weight is minimised and strength is maximised.£84.99

See my recent review of the Helinox Ground Chair

Primus Onja

Primus Onja stove openThe two-burner stove is compact, portable and stylish. It’s a suitable for use with large pots. When extended, the body becomes a stable cooking unit, simultaneously protecting the burners from wind. The top is covered by an oak lid, which doubles as a chopping board. £99.99

Helinox Table

HelinoxTableOne£94.99_EllisBrighamLight, easy to assemble and compact when stowed, it adds an element of luxury to your backpacking experience. The frame is tensioned by the mesh top, providing a stable eating surface and includes two cup holders to stop drinks spilling. £94.99

Fjallraven Foldsack no.1

Fjallraven pack

The pack is made from durable G-1000 HeavyDuty fabric. Waterproofing is thanks to Greenland Wax. The flap cover is secured with two straps and protects access to the main compartment, while an internal sleeve with a padded base can accommodate laptops up to 15”. £84.99

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