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Yacht Ownership: 3 Things You Give Up When Sailing

Written by Fiona

July 27 2016

Sailing is not for everyone – but it could be perfect for you! Sailing requires a strong sense of adventure, a wish to be close to nature and a love for the ocean that is not found in just anyone.

A sailor has to be grounded and able to make a quick decision, not just for yourself but also for your passengers. The wind and ocean can be fickle mistresses, and you need to adapt to whatever is happening around you.

That said, once you have been bitten by the sailing bug, there are so many places to explore. Staying in the same place for long will get boring, and there is always something new beyond the horizon.

Yacht ownership is one way to always having the means to embark on a journey. If you charter a boat you will not achieve the same intimacy with your vessel. Each yacht has her quirks and behaves differently depending on the situation.

Sailing offers unique experiences, not just every single vacation, but every single day.

What you might miss while sailing

Being bored!

Sailing is very interactive and there are few occasions where you can fully relax once underway. There is always something that needs to be corrected, checked or planned for. Lines need tacking, maps need to be consulted, weather reports need to be listened to and anchoring needs to be prepared. Unless you get caught in a very calm sea, a sailor will never be bored.

Fine dining

Sitting down in a fine restaurant and ordering a five-course meal is not something that you normally do on a sailboat. Sure, if you spend the evening on land, but not on the boat.

Instead, you will have to settle for freshly caught fish, grilled or fried in the small kitchen, which is actually no great sacrifice! Instead of a Michelin star meal when sailing you can “make do” with delicious produce, as fresh as it gets.


When sailing, the yacht is your home. Unless you are traveling by yourself, there will be little time for privacy as boats have limited space. If you are sailing with your family, you will have everyone around at all times. The whole family will have to function as a unit and locking yourself in a room will not be an option.

Even without these three things, you will have the time of your life. Yacht ownership offers the kind of freedom and experiences that other, ordinary folk can only dream of.


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