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Great apps for outdoors fans

Written by Fiona

September 22 2016

For those of us who love the outdoors, apps can revolutionise how we do things. More than this, they can become crucial to our survival in difficult times. Whether you want to know where the best trails are, or simply whether or not to chance eating that juicy looking berry, we’ve got an outdoor app that will complement your adventure.

Many people are obsessed with apps. It appears that they’ve taken over the world. Some are drawn to mobile casinos such as or consistently checking news apps. For those of us who like to embrace nature, apps can seem like the antithesis of what we need. However, they do have their benefits as these below will show you. Just make sure that you keep your phone charged.

Map My Hike

You may have heard of MapMyFitness? The series is not limited to a single app. It now has several different apps that are dedicated to their tracking of a variety of healthy activities, including cycling. If you’re a keen hiker than MapMyHike may be of interest to you. It’s free for both Android and iOS and allows you to look your hiking route. It also offers route navigation and a host of other handy tools such as a calorie counter and distance tracker.


If you’re the type who likes to document their hikes, then Ramblr is the app you need. It’s also free on Android and iOS. With Ramblr, you can record all the standard statistics and record geotagged audio. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to be able to relive the experience.



Cairn is a safety conscious app, which is great for those who are likely to undertake long journeys or venture through remote areas. It lets you know where you’ll be able to receive a signal and set up a trip plan, which you can leave with your tagged friends. Whenever you reach a signal, your location will be logged and added to your trip plan. If you fail to check in at your next point, your friends will be alerted.

MotionX GPS

If you’re serious about hiking and fitness, MotionX GPS has all the features you need to keep hitting your goals. It is available only on iOS for a small cost. The app has a huge selection of terrain maps and charts. It also includes a handy offline activity tracker that will allow you to gain an idea of where you’re at, without connectivity.


The Leafsnap app is the first in a series of electronic field guides that offers walkers and outdoors fans an amazing form of visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves.

While many people like to get outdoors to avoid the constraints of technology, the apps above can actually help you on your journey and may even keep you safe.


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