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Top tips for staying younger

Written by Fiona

December 01 2016

Most of us express a desire to feel and look a bit younger than we are. And, of course, we’d all like the chance of improved longevity. Here are a few tips for staying younger

Think younger

If you remain young at heart and look at the world though the eyes of someone who is younger you will feel younger. Getting old and grumpy should not be an option unless you want to feel old and grumpy. Try to keep up with new developments and the modern world rather than shunning it as something for young people.

Stay in touch

People who have friends and spend time communicating are much more likely to stay younger. Being with friends boosts self-esteem and feelings of well-being.

Good friends.

Good friends.

Mentally alert

Do crosswords, read, take part in quizzes, learn new things and join courses to find out more about things. If you use your brain it is far more likely to remain active and will not be so prone to ageing.

Active mind.

Active mind.

Be active

People who stay fit and active are far less likely to suffer with heart disease, osteoporosis, inflexibility and the general aches and pains of getting older. Take daily exercise and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. And keep on stretching or doing yoga.


Set good goals

Goals such as taking part in a race, reaching the next grading level in a martial art, travelling to a new country, passing a degree course can be the key to keeping you younger for longer.

Seek help

Ageing goes hand-in-hand with changes in hormones. Women who suffer with menopausal symptoms can choose to seek medial help such as HRT or anti-depressants, which often help with hot flushes. For men, sexual troubles might send them in search of testosterone therapies, such as at TRT Medical Centre.

Lose weight

Carrying too much weight can literally weigh you down as you age and this is not helpful if you want to remain young and spritely. Weight gain is also negatively associated with all kinds of health issues.

What you wear

You don’t need to dress like a 20 year old but wearing fashionable clothes that fit you well will give you the air of someone who is younger. A 60 year old man in well fitting jeans and a t-shirt will look far younger than a chap who is in an old pair of gardening flannels.

Keep your fingers crossed

No one can ever know what is around the corner and you can’t prevent all illnesses and diseases but with a bit of luck and by following a few of the tips above you could easily stay young into your eighties and nineties.

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