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Record 6583 laps at Strathpuffer 2017

Written by Fiona

January 24 2017

Strathpuffer 2017 set a new record for the total number of laps ridden during the tough 24-hour mountain biking event. An amazing  6,583 laps of 11km were completed by 877 participants in total, which is a distance of almost twice around the world.

With no rain, snow or wind on the forecast for the weekend, this year’s riders may have been expecting a benign 24 hours of off-road riding in the Highlands of Scotland but as ever, the ‘Puffer had other plans.

With freezing fog in the valley, clear skies at the top of the course and temperatures hanging around or below zero for the duration of the event, the conditions were very challenging.

The technical riding skills of competitors were tested to the max as they battled to stay upright on icy sections of the course. With the potential of black ice and slick slabs lurking around every corner, concentration levels were key to maintaining traction in some of the toughest riding conditions seen at the event in recent years.

The first few laps were fast and furious but when night fell, the 2017 ‘Puffer became a matter of slippery survival. Seventeen hours of darkness and many spills later, a beautiful Highland sunrise breathed new life into the riders, galvanising their resolve and putting smiles back on to some seriously weary faces. The end was in sight.

When the race finally came to a finish at 10am on Sunday, it was revealed the 877 riders had ridden 72,413km in total. That is close to  two times the circumference of the world (80,150km).

Take a look at the incredible results. The male solo winner, Keith Forsyth, won for a third time and rode as many laps as the male pairs winners but on his own.

Strathpuffer 2017 results

Male solo

It was a ‘Puffer hat-trick for Keith Forsyth with 30 Laps – 23:55:53
Huw Oliver 30 Laps – 24:20:54
Wayne Blair 27 Laps – 23:19:21

Female solo

The Adventure Syndicate’s Emily Chappell with 23 Laps – 23:33:56
Annie Lloyd Evans 22 Laps – 23:21:10
Cat Sutherland 17 Laps – 23:44:09

Mixed pairs

Mix pairs and overall pairs winners Naomi Freireich and Stuart Macleod.

Pair of Crazies, Naomi Freireich and Stuart Macleod, 31 Laps – 24:23:37
TMRT 29 Laps – 24:14:11
Lap It Up 27 Laps – 24:44:06

Male pairs

Alex Willis and Jack Reed from Performance Cycles with 30 Laps – 23:20:50
OETKB Fast & Fat 30 Laps – 23:49:21
Sub Zero Heroes 28 Laps – 24:37:25

Female pairs
Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber 23 Laps – 24:14:31
Muddy Bums 17 Laps – 22:20:13
Wheely Tyred 15 Laps – 23:56:22

Male quads

Up Ooer Round & Down 38 Laps – 24:23:02 (as well as fastest lap in 33 mins and 24 seconds)
NOB-bies 38 Laps – 24:39:59
Shibden CC A 36 Laps – 24:32:59

Female quads

The Adventure Syndicate/Sandy Wallace Cycles win Female Quads and are 3rd Overall with 36 Laps – 24:13:30
Team Teacake 28 Laps – 24:39:10
Birds of Prey 27 Laps – 24:31:10

Mixed quads

Three Jakes And A Little Lady 32 Laps – 24:07:23
Team ManBall Racing 32 Laps – 24:38:27
Shibden CC 32 Laps – 24:44:22

School teams (8 riders)

Fortrose Academy win schools category and finish 10th overall with 32 Laps – 24:08:02
Dingwall Academy 28 Laps – 24:41:20
Kinross High School 27 Laps – 24:25:43

Teams of 10

Club 18-30 ish 27 Laps – 24:26:55
Drop The Post 21 Laps – 20:51:53
Police Scotland 9 Laps – 23:50:23

Many thanks to Gary Williamson Photography for the photos.

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