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Top 5 MTB drops caught on GoPro

Written by Fiona

March 13 2017

The rise of the GoPro has brought with it a unique lens with which to experience unbelievable adrenaline-spiked mountain bike descents.  All these clips have to be seen to be believed (luckily we have GoPro footage to prove they happened).

The arena in which these descents take place can vary from naturally occurring mountain ranges to sprawling urban landscapes, but the one thing all these riders share is the right equipment.  Heavier and stronger than their traditional counterparts, including front and rear suspension with over eight inches of travel, cube mountain bikes are an essential option in ensuring a successful downhill descent.

Danny MacAskill: The Cuillin Ridge, Skye, Scotland

The mighty and revered Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye is for experienced hikers and climbers only (or else you hire a guide). So, it is extremely difficult to comprehend how Danny MacAskill managed to traverse its precarious terrain on a bike.

The footage compiled by MacAskill and his film crew is stunning beyond the obvious genius on show. The accompanying scenery is breath-taking; with the clouds providing the only respite from Skye’s punishing landscape.

Gran Canaria, Spain – Cascadia

Danny MacAskill’s downhill skills are not limited to the rural Highlands of Scotland. Here he is navigating the vertigo-inducing rooftops of Gran Canaria with apparent ease. It seems his talent on a bike is boundless.

UCI Downhill course at Leogang in Austria

That is not to say that pre-meditated and organised trails are any less spectacular than those made purely from of imagination by the likes of MacAskill. Upon viewing this clip at 3 minutes 20 seconds, you will realise that they are also no less dangerous.

Claudio Calouri and Will Longden race this downhill course in Leogang, Austria, at breakneck speed. The fact that Longden was able to recover and finish the course after such a brutal fall is testament to the spirit and determination of those brave enough to attempt such a feat.

Red Bull Hardline MTB track 2016

With a wide berth of skills required, from the rocky technical section to the motocross run-in, complete with a 50ft gap jump, this Red Bull Hardline track in the Dyfi Valley of Wales is one of the most difficult mountain bike routes ever made.

If you thought it was excruciating to watch at this pace with Dan Atherton, you should bear in mind that the eventual winner of the competition, Bernard Kerr, finished a full 15 seconds faster.

72ft Canyon Gap – Red Bull Rampage 2013

This is ridiculous. Kelly McGarry has the audacity to complete this route with a backflip over a 72ft canyon ridge after already masterfully manoeuvring his way over a metaphorical tightrope of a trail. Talk about finishing with a flourish.

Whilst watching this list of videos might have made you feel sick with anxiety, it could equally have inspired you give mountain biking a go. I hope it is the latter. If you have nerves of steel and feel you can offer an even more death-defying alternative (if that is even possible) we want to be the first to know!

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