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The rise of the residential park life

Written by Fiona

April 20 2017

There has been a growth in the numbers of people of all ages converting to the “park life” in the UK and there are many good reasons why.

The cost

The cost of living in a residential home on a holiday park is much less than a house. They are perfect for first-time buyers or people that would like to have more money to spend on other things.

Downsizing to a park home frees up a lot of money in later life, too.

Many of the latest models of homes have eco-friendly appliances and insulation, which keeps bills and costs of living lower.

The park properties also usually include all appliances and furnishings within the price, which means, even more money saved.

Active life

Many parks have great health giving facilities on-site including swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts and bowling greens. How many of us can say that we have a heated swimming pool, tennis courts and gym in our back garden?

Holiday parks have all of these things on-site, and when you’re an all-year-round resident, you have access to those facilities every day.

Outdoors life

Many caravan holiday homes and caravan parks are situated in holiday locations, meaning that around them are local attractions and stunning views. This is perfect if you love to hike, run or bike in the great outdoors.

Many residential parks are located on the coast near the sea. This opens up access to a whole range of water sports that you may not have tried before. You can even get your children involved in water sports from a young age with the convenience of having locations nearby. With just a quick few minutes’ walk to the beach from your home, you can get out and surf, ski or water board whenever you like.

Holiday park swimming pool.

You can also find some great used caravans for sale here.

Good for your health

A morning swim before work is an easily accessible possibility and has huge health benefits. Even an evening game of tennis is right on your doorstep. Difficulties like driving to a location or booking appointments are eliminated. Having these facilities a few seconds’ walk from your front door is a luxury many would love.

Safe and quiet

Moat residential sites offer a very quiet and safe way of life, often away form the hustle and bustle of busy urban centres. Many parks require key fobs for entrance meaning they are completely safe.

Like-minded people

Living on a residential park opens the doors to new friends and neighbours, if you want to meet people. The chances are there will also be other kids for your kids to play with right outside your home.

Dine out, or in

You can choose each evening and without having to walk far, whether to eat out at an on-site restaurant or to cook for yourself.

Entertainment on tap

Evening entertainment is great for the weekends and without having to worry about getting home or taxis. It’s just a short walk in a secure park and your home. Location

So if you thought residential parks were just for the elderly, you’ve been missing out. They are not only cheaper than bricks and mortar, but you can also pick your own little spot of heaven to live in.

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