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How to lose weight in the great outdoors

Written by Fiona

January 04 2018

If you want to feel healthier and happier in 2018 – and beyond – why not take up one of a variety of outdoor activities to help you to shed the pounds? Here are six ways to lose weight in the great outdoors.

Weight loss bootcamp

An activity that is fun is more likely to get you up off the sofa and exercising, such as an effective weight loss boot camp. You’ll exercise in the great outdoors, surrounded by stunning scenery and enjoying fun activities. What’s more, you gain an in-depth knowledge of various weight loss exercises, as well as the correct technique and forms to maximise your performance and prevent injury.

Take a hike

Combine a love for the outdoors and travel by going on a hike. Walking requires little in the way of equipment and with so many different places to walk it’s very accessible. It’s a great way to burn calories and strengthen your muscles while absorbing a trail’s beautiful surroundings. Did you know that walking hills burns three times the body fat in comparison to a standard, flat walk.

Enjoy a bike ride

For great calorie burn while enjoying an outdoor adventure, go for a bike ride. Grab your partner or friend to enjoy a cycle through the park or your region. Regardless of whether you are beginner or pro, cycling can build muscle in both your legs and core, and can also burn many calories to help you lose weight. It’s a fun way to feel both fit and healthy.

Start gardening

Did you know that gardening can help you to burn up to 250 calories per hour? So, you don’t need to run on a treadmill for hours to lose weight. You simply need to tend to the lawn and grow your own fruit and vegetables – and you can add the fresh produce to your plate to reduce your waistline.

Ride the waves

If the weather permits, you could ride the waves with a spot of surfing. There are many great beaches across the UK that are ideal for surfing, which is a great cardiovascular workout. Not only can the outdoor activity help you to shed the pounds, but it can also increase your endurance and strength.

Go kayaking

Kayak rentals are often inexpensive and can help you to lose of weight over time. That is because the outdoor exercise will work every muscle in your body, particularly your core and upper body, so it’s an effective activity for losing weight and toning up. To enjoy the sport you can hire or buy or single or double kayak and head to a river, lake, loch or the sea. If you are unsure about how to kayak take a lesson form an expert guide first.

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