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Packing Essentials for Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Written by Fiona

May 29 2018

The Tanzanian mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, is a must do for many hikers. Africa. Kilimanjaro the tallest mountain in Africa, at 20,000ft.  Plus there are other interesting facts about it. The mountain climb offers a lot to see while still being fairly easy to summit, if you take it slowly and do as the guide tells you. For a successful hiking trip to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro you also need to pack the essentials.


To start with you need clothing that is cooling, lightweight and breathable. If it comes with an SPF rating, to keep the sun off your skin, then all the better. As you ascent the mountain you will need to add extra layers for warmth.

Other essentials include underwear, trekking trousers, a winter jacket, a lightweight rain jacket, baselayers and shorts. Don’t forget a warm insulated jacket for night-time and at higher altitude when it can be cold.

Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.


The mountain can be rocky and sometimes wet so you need robust, durable, breathable and waterproof boots or shoes. A mid-weight hiking boot along with several pairs of trekking socks will be ideal. Also add  a pair of trekking sandals or some camp trainers.  


There are several camping sites near the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro, especially in the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. You’ll need an all-season sleeping bag, an insulated sleeping mat or blow-up mattress and perhaps an inflatable pillow. A camping tent may not be necessary as these can be hired.

Tech Items

Be sure to bring along an HD camera, perhaps with a couple of spare batteries and lots of memory card storage space. East Africa is mostly sunny throughout the year except for a few days around July and August. So why not carry a backpack solar charger for your tech devices?

Camping at Mt Kilimanjaro.

General Accessories

You’ll need to hydrate and keep your blood sugar levels optimal especially during the day hiking. You’ll want to pack a reliable water bottle and water purifier tablets. It can get a bit hot before you approach the mountain peaks so you might want to pack some wet wipes, sunscreen, blister plasters and insect repellent as a cautionary measure to keep away the bugs.

Don’t forget to take sunglasses, a sun hut, a headlamp and perhaps a headband or buff. You’ll also need two good pairs of hiking gloves; lightweight inner ones and warm outer ones.

The scope of this article can’t possibly exhaust all the essentials you need to pack to make the best out of your hiking trip in Mt. Kilimanjaro. You can scour the internet to find a more detailed packing list, however, the above few suggestions should see you through for some amazing fun you won’t want to forget.

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