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Top 6 outdoor activities for a better and healthier you

Written by Fiona

July 13 2018

We all know that being outside is good for you both mentally and physically. However, sometimes it is really hard to devote time for walk or a bike ride after a long day at work, or when it’s a busy weekend. Some people even consider it a waste of time! Here we suggest a few outdoor activities that might just inspire you to find the time for improving your general well being.

Horse riding

Horse riding combines everything – relaxation, quality time spent outside, socialisation, strategic thinking and soft-skill strengthening.

Every horse rider would tell you that this activity is highly addictive and relaxing. According to Equestrian Co. horse riding has many various benefits, such as: 

  • Toned up muscles: Riding works almost every muscle group there is in our body.
  • Healthier body and mind: Did you know that there are even equine therapy sessions, which are proven to be helpful with patients who struggle with depression and anxiety?
  • Happier soul: The time spent with the animals will make even the grumpiest heart flutter. Be sure to bring carrots when you visit stables for the first time.

Footgolf or discgolf

If the game of golf seems too long or difficult to learn, how about trying two modern sports that are based on golf? Footgolf combines a football with golf. Players kick a football into a cup in as few shots as possible to score points.

Disc golf is played with a Frisbee and the hole is a net. It can be enjoyed as a team sport. Both sports are fun and many golf clubs and leisure facilities now offer these sports.

In-line skating

All you need is a pair of inline skates  (or men’s roller skates) – and a bit of practice. In line skating is a great sport because it can be enjoyed outdoors in parks and on promenades. You just need some smooth tarmac.

Research shows it ranks in the top three activities for improving or maintaining fitness and general well-being. It’s a great calorie burner, too.

Clay Shooting

Improve your reaction, coordination and fitness level with clay shooting. There are at the very least 20 different competition disciplines which fall under the umbrella of sporting clays, trap and skeet shooting.


Outdoors sports do not need to be all about high energy.  Fishing helps people to feel at one with nature, wind down and concentrate . There is a requirement for good fitness levels too, depending on the type of fishing you take part in.

Outdoor yoga

Yoga is well known for its many positive benefits, including strength, flexibility, tone, burning calories, mindfulness and relaxation, to name a few! Take yoga outdoors and you will benefit from being surrounded by nature, too.

All these activities are worth trying at least once and who knows which one of them will get you hooked? Spending quality time outdoors is one of the little details that paint the big picture of your happiness.

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