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The Best World Wonders For Active Travellers

Written by Fiona

September 25 2018

From the original and probably best known Seven Wonders of the World, to a host of other lists of variously classified “wonders”, such as the natural wonders of the world and the New 7Wonders of the Cities, there are plenty of amazing sights to be visited.  Pay a visit the Wikipedia page to see the many different lists of Wonders.

Here we pick some of the wonders that are ideal for active travellers.

Great Wall Of China

Despite associations with ancient history and plenty of fiction (see: Mulan and the ridiculous Matt Damon movie The Great Wall), the Great Wall of China is one of the most enduring structures from the ancient world. While there are parts of it that are effectively in ruin, other parts of it – restored and rebuilt over the years – look almost pristine by comparison.

The active traveller will enjoy some of the spectacular hikes along the wilder portions of the wall, where you’ll be challenged to make your way through crumbling stone, but you’ll be free of crowds and surrounded by wild scenery.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is said to be one of the world’s Natural Wonders and rightly so. I took an active trip last year to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It’s truly one of the most remarkable natural structures on the planet, and one that invites various activities, in including hiking and guided horseback rides. It’s perhaps the ideal natural attraction for any tourists who like to add some activity into their trips.

The Pyramids

Somewhat like the Great Wall, the Egyptian pyramids are so ancient and so fascinating that many of us have come to know them more through various fictions than through the real things. In reality, there are three noteworthy Giza pyramids, including the Great Pyramid which is the largest and most mysterious. It is illegal to climb the pyramids  so we wont recommend you scale them. However, simply walking around the vast site and visiting the  nearby Sphinx on foot offers good exercise, or for a different type of activity you can go by camelback.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza cis sometimes described as the lost relic of the ancient world. That’s because we often associate South American wonders with myths like those of El Dorado or the Fountain of Youth. It’s also because of some of the same fictionalisation that often plagues the Great Wall or the pyramids. Of late, in fact, a golden monument strongly resembling Chichen Itza’s main structure serves as a representation of El Dorado in one of the most popular games online. Highlighting the available games at major slot sites, “Gonzo’s Quest” concerns a quest for the golden city, and shows a tiered pyramid in its background. Despite all of this however, Chichen Itza was and remains a real place that can be explored extensively on foot. El Castillo is its central step pyramid, but the site is really an entire ancient city. You can walk to and around it for hours and get a day’s worth of activity while taking in wondrous history.

Great Barrier Reef. Credit: Steve Parish

Great Barrier Reef

Here we have another natural Wonder, and one that sadly is dwindling as a result of climate change. Despite this the Great Barrier Reef remains very impressive, and it’s still one of the world’s greatest diving destinations. For that reason it’s almost inherently an activity-based Wonder trip.

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