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Listen in: Menopause and sporty women podcast

Written by Fiona

February 12 2019

I was invited to talk about the menopause on this podcast by The menopause is discussed with exercise physiologist Dr Stacy Sims and other guests. 

You’ll hear from Kona qualifiers, ultra runners and outdoor fans, who talk openly about the impact the menopause has had on their life and sport. 

Whether you are female, male, going through the menopause, reaching that age, know people who are, a sports coach etc you will find this enlightening. There are also lots of tips on diet and training.   

It’s a log podcast, so why not download it and listen in while you are driving or walking the dog, or even while out for a run. It’s well worth the effort.

I believe that knowledge is power and if we can better understand what happens to our minds and bodies through the menopause years then we will hopefully be able to cope with it.

I am grateful to OxygenAddict for taking the time to focus on this healthy topic.

Listen at OxygenAddict menopause podcast.

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