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SunGod Black Friday offer (a little early)

Written by Fiona

November 25 2019

SunGod has released a Black Friday deal four days early with a special offer of FREE SHIPPING and a FREE CAPSULE CASE. The offer ends on December 2, 2019.

I really like the SunGod ski goggles and have enjoyed custom designing both the Revolts and the Vanguards. Hubby G and I have used the ski goggles on various ski holidays, in Europe, Canada and the States and for both downhill skiing and ski touring.

Because I have fairly narrow specs I can wear the goggles over the top.

There are now eight lens options and 10 strap options for both the Revolts and the Vanguards.. The latest development is that 4KO Purple, 4KO Chrome and 4KO High-Vis Pink lenses are available across all models.

I usually choose a lens for all-round skiing in a range of conditions as well as a lens for low light.

My latest purchase of a set of Vanguards goggles has come with 4KO®snow High-Vis Blue and an extra lens, the 4KO®snow Purple.

There are so many options:

The Vanguards with a grey frame, black strap and a 4KO Snow Green Lens.

This Revolts version has a grey frame, a white strap and 4KO Snow Purple lens.

These dark lensed Revolts.

Or how about these Revolts, too.

Or these Vanguards.

It’s fun creating your customised goggles and there are lots of choices.

The lenses are easy to change so you can ensure you can see the slopes according to the conditions.

Just to say, I will earn a 10% commission for every pair sold through linking from this post but it’s nice to get a little back sometimes. Head to the SunGod home page or click on the links above.

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