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The best ways to have a holiday in the great outdoors

Written by Fiona

November 07 2019

An outdoors holiday is a brilliant way to de-stress, have fun and get closer to nature. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy a holiday in the great outdoors.

Wild camping on a Scottish mountain.


Whether it is campsite camping or wild camping, spending nights in the outdoors – as well as the days – offers a fully immersive holiday. Scotland is one of the best countries for wild camping because of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code that allows for responsible camping in the wild.

Walking or mountain biking combines well with camping. You could choose to roam off the beaten track or follow a famous trail. In the UK there are plenty to choose form including the most famous, the West Highland Way, or you could travel further afield for something even more challenging. In particular, the Appalachian Trail in the US is a great challenge.

A stay in a treehouse. Credit: Nicolás Boullosa


If you want to get back to nature for just a day or two, a long weekend in a treehouse might be just the ticket. It is a unique experience staying above ground and amid the trees in a purpose built treehouse.

Although still relatively unusual there are a growing number of treehouse experiences to book. Some a more luxurious, while others amore basic. It’s up to you and your budget.

Hostelling Scotland Glen Affric Youth Hostel.

Head somewhere remote

A growing outdoors holiday concept is to go for a full digital detox. Getting away from the phone networks, wifi and all things digital allows you to feel the benefits of mindfulness and a full immersion in your natural surrounding.

Scotland has plenty of places that allow you to switch of from the digital world. For example, I recently visited Glen Affric, which is wonderfully free of an on-line network. Other digital detox destinations include the Scottish islands, such as the Outer Hebrides.

Motorhomes & campervans

If you want the freedom to travel and see the world but don’t fancy camping or splurging for hotel rooms, a motorhome or campervan is the perfect choice. You can buy or hire both big and small motorhomes depending on your needs.

If you are going to be spending most of the day out hiking or doing something else, a basic motorhome with just a simple berth might right for you. However, if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the motorhome, you might prefer to get something with a few more modern comforts.

You might also choose to use a van instead of a traditional motorhome. Depending on how smart you can be with your budget and your choices, this might be a cheaper choice than buying a motorhome. You also have the opportunity to fully design it to fit in with your ideal place to stay.

If there are certain things you don’t like about the design of a motorhome, you can do it as you like here in your own conversion. Don’t forget to pick up some van insurance too. Sites such as Quotezone allow you to find the right policy for you and your budget easily by pulling in multiple quotes from different providers. Give their tool a try if you don’t want to spend time researching them all individually.

Active ideas while on holiday

An outdoors holiday is not simply about where you stay, it’s about the activities you choose to do, too. From woodland strolls to mountain hikes, road cycling, mountain biking, wild swimming, skiing and snowshoeing there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from.

You could hire a guide to show you new places and skills or pick up a map and compass and head off to explore on your own. Always check the weather forecast before you go and be sensible about your fitness levels and previous experience.

Making the most of an outdoors holiday will see you returning to your normal life feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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