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5 reasons you should hike more – and take a walking holiday

Written by Fiona

February 26 2020

Whether you’re a hill walker, a power walker or you prefer a slow amble, getting outdoors amid nature has great benefits for your physical and mental health. So imagine the benefits of a walking holiday… Here are five reasons why you should hike more and why walking makes a great holiday.


Holidays can be expensive. The cost of flights, hotels and meals out can quickly add up and many people then return from a holiday feeling worried about their finances (click here for more information about managing your money). However, a hiking holiday can be cost-effective.

All you need is some good hiking gear, including a solid pair of walking boots, a backpack, waterproofs and walking poles. Choose where you want to go walking, for example, a famous long-distance trail, or book to stay in the Alps or the Rockies and take daily walks. Instead of spending money on attractions, as you might or then average holiday, you will be walking and saving on the spending.

Health benefits

There are many health benefits of hiking. Regular walking can improve your fitness levels, lower your blood pressure and improve your bone density. Plus, it can have a great impact on your mental health, improving your mood and strengthening relationships with loved ones.

Beautiful views

What better reason to hike than to see breathtaking views of the countryside? One of the best things about hiking is that you get access to views that you can only have access to on foot. You can’t see the view from the top of Ben Nevis by car. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, tackling a forest trail or crossing rocky terrain, you’ll be constantly amazed by the changing views and different sights to see.

Peace and quiet

There’s no better place for a little tranquillity than a countryside hike. There are few holidays which can allow you to truly escape the masses and be on your own. If you need some time to be alone with your thoughts, then a hiking holiday might be just the ticket. 


The best thing about a hike is the sense of achievement at the end. Knowing that you’ve worked hard and pushed yourself to reach the top of that mountain (or the pub at the end of your circular route!) gives a great sense of self-worth that you don’t experience from any other kind of holiday.

Hiking makes you realise that you can achieve your goals, and we all need to know that about ourselves sometimes. You can return from your trip feeling a sense of self-worth that a beach holiday simply won’t provide. 

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