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Air travel etiquette tips you have to know

Written by Fiona

February 25 2020

Travelling by air is highly convenient but it does not mean that you can do whatever you want to. There are horror stories about people that do not respect others while on a flight. Air travel relies on etiquette, so that everyone enjoys the trip. Here are a number of air travel etiquette tips. 

Arrive at the airport in good time

Check the recommended check in times and allow enough time but not to much time or too little. Some airports can have busy check-in queues and queues at security. Allowing the right amount of time at the airport will reduce your stress levels and leave you calm when you board the plane.

Check the luggage rules

Make sure you have the right size and weight of luggage. It is stressful to find you have a suitcase that is too heavy. You will end up paying extra in any case. Hand luggage should also comply with the airline’s size and weight rules. Having awkward shape bags or bags that are too large will only lead to hassle at check-in or when you board the plane. The simpler you keep your luggage the easier it is for storage on the plane, too.

Stay calm if you are delayed

Delays are much more common than you might think right now. In fact, Flightright is a service provider that specialises in helping people deal with airlines that do not offer compensation for cancelled or delayed flights. They even help with not respecting the current EU regulation. Flightright helps with delays but the truth is that they are common. 

Try not to get heated and stressed by delays. Arguing with airport staff is not helpful for you, staff or others around you. Politely ask for details and remember that cancellation and delay policies activate only in the event that a flight was delayed for at least 3 or 4 hours, based on airline policy. 

Queue for boarding with commonsense

Listen to what the flight attendants are asking you to do when collecting at the gate for boarding. If they ask you to queue, you should. If they don’t ask you to queue, then don’t. Also, don’t be the person to queue last because that only leads to difficulties when you are trying to find overhead locker space. Q

Seating courtesy

Seat reclining is a very touchy subject but the truth of the matter is very simple to understand. Unless you have a bad back due due to a medical reason, you should only recline seats when on a long-haul flight. Also, during meal times, always keep the seat upright. This is also the case with landing and take-off. 

Try to avoid moving about in your seat too much, too, and don’t dig your feet or knees into the seat in front of you. Everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable flight so try to be thoughtful of those around you.

Use headphones

Nobody wants to listen to whatever it is you want to listen to. Also, other passengers should not hear the sounds of your video game. Most likely, they will not like the music you like. It is a surprise to see how many still listen to different things on a flight without using headphones. Do not do this as you bother everyone around you. 

Don’t get drunk

This one should go without saying but there is a surprising number of people that get drunk while on a flight (or before they board the flight). Alcohol is sometimes free on the full-service flights, however this does not mean you can drink until you are druk.

Most of these tips are commonsense and will mean you have a better flight, and so do those around you.

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