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Written by Fiona

February 20 2020

Spending time in the midst of nature is a joy so how about incorporating this into your daily life? Living in a house in the middle of the countryside could be your first step but if this is not practical, there are plenty of ways to bring the outdoors indoors.

Use stone or wood 

A good strategy to bring the outdoors into your home is using wood or stone materials. A single wall of open stoneworks inside the house works well, or a stone built fireplace is another good idea. You could also install a stone wash basin or an old wooden door.

Wooden floors

One of the easiest ways to bring a touch of nature into the entire home is to fit wood flooring. Wooden flooring can keep the room warm and comes with unique textures. It can give you a feeling like you are quite closer to nature.

While wooden flooring is pricier than laminate or vinyl flooring if feels warmer and usually looks better so it is worth the investment.

Keep plants in your home 

The most popular way of bringing outdoors is by adding potted plants. They are fresh accents that you can keep everywhere in your room. A peace lily or lucky bamboo can be a good addition in your bedroom and an Areca palm or rubber plant is ideal for living room. Use ceramic pots and nature-inspired stylish pots to enhance the beauty of the room.

Forest inspired wallpapers 

Another great way is using forest themed wallpapers in your home. Other themes include the beach, coast, stones and sky. Most decor companies now offer this type of wallpaper. For best effects choose one wall for this type of wallpaper and combine with natural paint shades on the other walls. Adding your choice of stunning tables will add to the great look of your home.

Big glass windows 

Large windows, especially if they offer a good view of nature, are a great way to feel closer to the outdoors while staying indoors. They also add lots of light to the home.

Large windows can give your home a spacious feel, too. Natural light is important if you have many plants in your home. Large glass windows with a combination of skylights are a great idea. 

Create a green wall

Vertical gardens on your indoor walls are an awesome feature but you can increase the beauty of it with a green wall. You can turn your living room into a green paradise with the idea. This is a great way to bring the outdoors into your home. 

Skylight in your bedroom

What should be better than enjoying the open sky when resting in bed? You can create a skylight just above your bed and can use rattan furniture to further that outdoors atmosphere indoors.

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