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Review: Leatherman Signal Multi Tool

Written by Fiona

March 27 2020

This is a blog and video review of the Leatherman Signal Multi Tool. It has a number of traditional functional tools such as pliers, saw, can and bottle opener, awl, a variety of hex and Leatherman bit drivers and combo knife blade. There are also some new features, including a diamond coated sharpener for maintaining straight and serrated blade, a fire-starting ferro rod and an emergency whistle.

This Leatherman RRPs at £159.95.

Over the years, I’ve owned a number of multi-tool gadgets, including Swiss Army Knives and a couple of Leathermans.

I remember as a teenager (I was a Tomboy) how much I loved my first Swiss Army Knife. It was a fairly basic model but it still had a range of exciting tools, such as a large knife, smaller knife, saw and a can opener. Later on, as an adult I owned a much more sophisticated Swiss Army Knife. In fact, it was a little too cumbersome with far too many tools but I loved the idea of it.

Then came a Leatherman some 20 or so years ago. I have no idea what the model was but I do recall it was a pinky-purple colour and it was both aesthetically and practically appealing. It had a good range of tools and I used it for numerous trips and adventures. It once had to be specially delivered back home when I accidentally left it in my hand luggage as I passed through an airport somewhere or other. (I am not going to confirm whether there were tears or not!)

So, the offer of a new Leatherman to review was accepted with delight. Interestingly, before I could find out much about what the Signal Multi Tool had to offer, Hubby G had made it his own. He spent the time needed to go through the instructions to see what tools this model had and how to access them.

To be honest, at the start, the tool seemed to be a bit complicated and I could not fathom how to access some of the features, such as the saw and knife. Once G showed me what was involved I realised it’s a really well built and well designed gadget. However, I doubt I will see it again because G appears to be taken by it.

Here is a video review of the Leatherman Signal Multi Tool features by Hubby G.

Leatherman tools are available at

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