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Help me to create a #GiveCOVIDtheBoot video

Written by Fiona

April 10 2020

It woulds be great if people would help me to create a #GiveCOVIDtheBoot video. You can be anyone I know and from anywhere in the world. See the campaign details.

You can star in the short clip by yourself or with your household.

How to shoot the footage

1 Take a short film clip in landscape (horizontal) mode using your phone or a tablet. You could use an improvised tripod, such as a chair, or ask someone else to take the photo of you.

2 Make sure the footage includes a boot, shoe or trainer (something that you wear a lot in the great outdoors) being thrown to you from off-screen and then includes you throwing the footwear away, too. Left to right for the throw in and out is a good idea.

Catch and then throw a boot.

3 When you catch the footwear, hold it for a moment and say briefly what you have been doing during lockdown to stay fit or keep yourself busy while staying home and staying local.

For example:

  • “I have been running circuits of my garden with the kids”
  • “I have been sorting my maps collection”
  • “I have been blogging about the outdoors indoors”
  • “I have been enjoying Zoom Zwift classes”
  • “I have been walking a lot more with my partner”
  • “I did a mini triathlon in my garden for charity”
  • “I went gamping”
  • “I have been making plans for a wild camping adventure when we are allowed back to the mountains”
  • “I have been mountain biking close to home” etc.

An example of a great video:

4 Also think about how the next person might catch the boot you have thrown virtually. You could throw it over a fence, under your leg, over your head and out of shot. You could also kick the boot away.

5 Then send the footage to me with your name and where you live. I will presume that you give me permission to use the footage and publish it as a longer video. Email: [email protected].

6 I will edit the clips to create a video, which I will share on social media as a way to encourage people to stay home, stay local and not to head to the mountains even when the sun is shining and you’re off work. Join the #GiveCOVIDtheBoot campaign.

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