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10 health and wellness trends to know in 2020

Written by Fiona

May 01 2020

Every new season comes with its new trends, whether its fashion, home décor, health or fitness. 

All too frequently people find it challenging to determine which health and wellness trends are worth taking on. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to go for health and wellness trends that never fade away. 

Here are some trends tat have come to the fore in recent years – and look likely to stick around in 2020 and onwards because they place value on good health and nutrition.

1. Shift Your Focus from Sleep to True Circadian Health

Your general welfare and efficiency are affected by your sleep and routine. However, the Global Wellness Summit suggests that focus on generic sleep will reduce. The new trend will be a focus on circadian health optimization.

This approach does not only focus on sleep but also the brain and body systems that are controlled by the circadian clock. Of great importance will be the timing of light and biology as well as solutions that readjust your internal clock with the outside world.

2. Ageing Rebranded

Today, the elderly are ageing very different than earlier generations. They have invested in their health, wellness and nutrition for longevity. There is a probability that many industries will target the generation ages above 55 years. The industries will redesign their products, experiences, and campaigns to address the strengths and sensibilities of the elderly.

3. J Wellness

We have a lot to learn from the Japanese as many of their population lives to 100 years. The world is slowly being attracted to J-wellness that includes

  • Ikigai- purpose at a calculated rate
  • Kintsugi – the art of repairing broken pottery
  • Wabi-sabi – that involves embracing imperfection and transience
  • Marie Kondo – tidying by auditing the spiritual value of our possessions
  • Shinrin – Yoku – forest bathing.

Japanese wellness products have also become a global trend. In 2020 and beyond, you should purpose to know the Japanese inspired wellness.

4. Mental Health Technology

Mental wellness and health are slowly moving beyond psychiatrists. Technology, through virtual care, wearables, chatbots, among other innovations, is transforming the mental healthcare system.

Advancements in technology have moved therapy to the frontline of convenience in people’s pockets. A variety of tools have been designed to help people manage modern-day problems like burnout, worry, and loneliness. Some of the solutions include chatbots, apps and digital support systems.

Forest bathing is a growing trend.

5. Energy Medicine

Another trend in the health and wellness industry is the innovation of new tools to optimise human body energy. The innovations are bridging the gap between ancient wellness approaches like acupuncture, shamanism, and reiki, among others, and western medicine that uses an anatomical model.

6. Religious Jumps To Wellness

Religious organisations and ministry leaders are integrating different health and fitness procedures in their communities. The modalities include such activities as Ramadan boot camps and Catholic Pilate’s classes.

Organised religion is reconfiguring ancient rituals and formats to take care of the increasing attention to health and fitness. Churches, mosques and synagogues have embraced this approach.

7. The Wellness Sabbatical

The wellness sabbatical seeks to bridge the gap between the pursuit of wellness and the need to work. The wellness sabbatical enables you to take a wellness retreat while staying in touch with your work at the same time.

When doing your wellness sabbatical, you can go with your smartphone and laptop. The idea is to make you comfortable working remotely for the wellness sabbatical to be successful.

8. The Fertility Boom

It is no longer a taboo to talk about fertility. Some celebrities have already started the conversation opening the door for other people. You are likely to see more women taking ownership of their bodies.

There will be more information, more studies, and more innovation in the fertility area. Therefore, the global fertility services market is projected to grow.

9. Wellness Music

This year, music is being reinvented as a deliberate therapy. There is already scientific research into the effect of structural properties of music like key, beat and chord progression on the brain and biometrics.

The intention is to come up with evidence-based music and soundscapes that can be used as precision medicine. You should also expect to see more wellness studios that will produce sound healing.

10. The Science behind the Industry

As the wellness industry continues to grow, there is a growing desire to separate the wellness wheat from the chaff. People are investing more in wellness watchdogs to take care of that.

From this year, you can expect to see more rigorous vetting processes for all wellness practices and hobbies. You will see more initiatives like the wellness Evidence, WellSpoke, and WellSet as we head towards a more transparent and critical health and wellness industry.

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