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5 dog breeds that love the outdoor adventure

Written by Fiona

November 27 2020

Some dogs love outdoor activities much more than others. In fact, there are breeds of dogs that require a lot of outdoors exercise . Many medium to larger dog breeds tend to be more energetic and the following dog breeds could be your perfect companion if you enjoy walking.

Australian Shepherd.

1) Australian Shepherd

This is actually an American breed, not an Australian canine. They were originally bred in the ranches of the West by shepherds by mixing in the best herding dogs they could gather. They didn’t stop until the had created a new dog breed that enjoys the high altitude locations.

They are energetic dogs with lots of stamina and they will run for hours. They are very intelligent and if they were humans, you could say they are the type that sees the brighter side of things. This being said, they are gentle with kids and so, the farmers have traditionally regarded them as reliable babysitters.

If Australian Shepherds are your pets, one of their best qualities is that they are so willing to please you, making your outdoor treks less work and more fun because of their workhorse qualities.

They are heavy dogs weighing between 40 to 65lbs and a negative is they shed their undercoat regularly and so you will need to do a lot of vacuuming at home.


2) Vizsla

They are Hungarian hunting dogs with an innate love for the outdoors and for exercise. Yhey are still often used for hunting.

Vizslas are very friendly and affectionate and you would always find them by your side on the hiking trail. They are always raring to go somewhere because they have tons of energy so you better set up an outdoor activity together with them every weekend, as well as regular walks every week day.

They are prone to colds in chilly weather, so you should bring extra blankets / a jacket for them.

Alaskan Malamute.

3) Alaskan Malamute

These large dog breeds, which weigh between 75 to 85lbs, are named after the native Innuit tribe called the Mahlemuts, They were first bred in Alaska to carry loads by pulling sleds.

They have a majestic and dignified aura about them which complements their loyal and devoted traits. They would make great canine companions for your family’s outdoor activities because they love nature and their physiological makeup always desire for exercise.

They are highly intelligent and can learn and conform quickly if they are trained.

They can be strong willed and stubborn if not made to perform physical activities for a long time. Their thick and coarse coat requires daily brushing and a bath every one to two weeks.

Siberian Husky.

4) Siberian Husky

They are make great hiking and trail running dogs especially if you live in high altitudes. The husky thrives in cold temperatures and can run for long hours when trained properly.

It is a very old breed, which was identified centuries ago in Russia. It was first utilised to pull sleds with cargo in the snow. They were brought to America in the early 20th century for this very purpose.

They are loyal and have an enormous amount of energy, plus they are in demand as pets because they have minimal aggression traits even though they resemble wolves.

They don’t sustain themselves well in hot temperatures, so don’t get one if you live in a tropical region. They weigh 35 to 60lbs so they are not generally as large as other outdoor canines.

Border Collie.

5) Border Collie

They are intelligent, agile and energetic dogs that want a good run every day, so you should keep up. But as a start, most Border Collies are shy and sensitive, so to make them confident while in the outdoors, start exercising and training them from young.

This shyness extends to their traits on the hiking trail. When they sense squirrels, hares and birds, the most aggressive thing that they will do is bark at them.

Whatever dog breed you choose, make sure you as the owner, is also physically fit. Because taking care of an outdoor canine requires that you also have the stamina to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors together.

To learn more about dog breeds, visit Caroline Jones’ site Bark Friend.

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