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Gadgets and equipment for a camping trip

Written by Fiona

June 14 2022

If you’re planning a camping trip and writing a gear list, there are several gadgets and pieces of equipment to consider taking along. Camping is always good fun, but camping with the right gadgets makes it even better. If you know what to pack in advance, your camping experience will be much easier.

Of course, you’ll also want the camping essentials, including a tent, sleeping bag and mattress. This article focuses on some of the best gadgets and equipment you can take on a camping trip to ensure you have a great adventure.

Solar panel for charging. Credit: Decathlon.

Solar charger

Maybe you were just about to watch a film, listen to music via a phone app or place a wager at the top online casino in uk when your phone charge fades. You can imagine the feeling. That’s why you need to have some way to charge your phone while on a camping trip.

One of the best modern ideas is a foldable solar panel, which can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones and power banks. Some solar panels can also charge a large power pack that operates small appliances.

Portable espresso machine

Many people enjoy a good quality cup of coffee and now, even when camping, you can continue this habit. With a portable espresso maker, you can grind your coffee beans and brew the drink whenever and wherever you choose.

It is definitely a luxury camping gadget, but if space and weight are not a major issue, you will be very happy to have this gadget along with you.

Long-range walkie-talkie

If you have a smartphone, why would you need a walkie-talkie? Hmmm, the major reason for having this gadget is for communication in places where phone coverage is weak, or in an area where you and your friends are spread out and need to communicate constantly. The signal range, battery life, frequency, durability and other features of a walkie-talkie are all factors to consider.


A hammock could be a great alternative to a tent. A hammock is designed to offer the perfect place and position for rest, relaxation and sleep. Also, if you are camping somewhere that is likely to have snakes or ground bugs around, a hammock will solve the issue of sleeping lower down.

Water filter

If safe drinking water is going to be a potential issue, a personal water filter will be the solution. Don’t forget a water filter if you want to stay well-hydrated and safe while camping. Many water filter gadgets can filter hundreds of gallons of water before they need to be replaced.

Camping stove

More than likely, a stove will be an essential gadget. There are plenty of different stoves on the market and most work using a canister of gas. Ensure the canister has adequate gas for the duration of your camping trip.

Anti-bug solutions

It depends where you will be camping, but in summer there is a high chance of biting insects such as mosquitos and midges. You’ll want to ensure you have a way to protect skin from being bitten. An anti-mosquito bracelet could be a good idea, as well as a midge net. Other solutions include creams, sprays and candles that use ingredients such as citronella and eucalyptus.

Conclusion: Camping should be fun, especially if you pack a few extra gadgets, both essential and luxury.

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